At the subject organizations, all employees voluntarily involve themselves in the conservation of the global environment as a crucial common task for mankind and conduct their office as well as consulting service activities with due consideration of the environment. The basic principle is to “contribute to the creation of a genuinely affluent society with high quality technologies and services which satisfy clients” through these activities.

1. Compliance

All staff members of each organization shall comply with the basic principle of the Basic Environment Act in their office as well as consulting service activities and shall also comply with related environmental laws and other requirements to which individual organizations have given consent.

2. Engagement in Environmental Conservation Activities

As part of the office activities, all staff members of each organization shall voluntarily engage in such environmental conservation activities as the prevention of global warming, protection of resources and prevention of pollution with full awareness of the importance of global environment conservation activities as members of the global community.

3. Implementation of Services with Environmental Consideration

EJEC shall implement its consulting services with constant consideration of quality, minimization of the environmental load, conservation of the natural ecosystem, creation and restoration of a good environment, lifecycle, etc. as a company providing consulting services relating to the planning, design (including development), study and incidental services for various types of public facilities, etc.

4. Continual Improvement

EJEC shall regularly checks the operating status of the system and endeavor to achieve continual improvement for the purpose of maintaining and improving the effectiveness of the environmental management system.

June 1, 2021