Linking further development of social values based on infrastructures built over many years and corporate value steadily accumulated to the future – This is the message that the EJEC brand conveys.

Company Logo

The blue globe forming the base conveys such images as “the Earth”, “a sense of freshness” and “purity”. The white heart in the middle represents such motifs as “E” (for Eight Consultants) and “J” (for Japan Engineering Consultants”), signifying integration, harmony and creation.

A story that links to “a Valuable Environment for the Future”


All are parts of a journey, like the stages of passing a baton, to achieve our goal of creating ” a Valuable Environment for the Future “.

EJEC’s journey is the one which aims at protecting the happy life of people in Japan and abroad with a view to leading to a more prosperous future. It is a journey to achieve our goal of creating “a Valuable Environment for the Future” in the manner of passing a baton. Our history began in 1955 when Eight Consultants Co., Ltd. (originally called Yakumo Sokuryo) was established, as well as in 1959 when Japan Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. was established. These two companies were born in the age of the slow but steady reconstruction of Japan after the war, which had burned down everything. Having started their business with great aspirations, these two companies developed steadily, overcoming many difficulties.

Eventually in 2007, the two companies decided merge to forward together. EJEC was born in 2009 to generate stronger synergy by combining the strengths of the two companies. EJEC now possesses such treasures as “a history” built over many years and “technology” refined through hard works. These are “the fruits of the conscious efforts” of each persistent staff member of EJEC. Our celebration of 60th anniversary in 2015 would not have been possible without our staff members who have faithfully conducted their work, clients who have given us opportunities to work, and partners who have always extended a helping hand. Nothing makes us more happy than the smiling faces of people living their satisfying life each and every day. We would love to see more smiling faces. We would love to see a widening circle of smiling faces. This is what we aspire to