Our management philosophy is “Fulfilment of corporate social responsibility and contribution to the welfare of humankind while increasing the corporate value through the performance of excellent technologies to meet the challenges associated with the global environment, national land protection and infrastructure development in local areas.” We continue to be loved by the people of the town and continue to be an indispensable part of our daily lives and local economies, so we will take advantage of our technical and consulting capabilities to solve the problems faced by infrastructure. We will solve problems and contribute to the creation of that value.

1. Implementation of appropriate activities

We build an asset management system in order to carry out our management philosophy, and based on this policy, we set asset management goals in each department and individual project, and work toward their achievement.

2. Compliance with requirements

We carry out activities that meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders such as asset owners, and the requirements such as laws and standards.

3. Utilization of enhanced technology

As an infrastructure solution consultant, we meet the needs and expectations to our company through developing engineers with high level technical capabilities.

4. Continuous improvement

We verify the effectiveness of our asset management system and continuously improve it.

June 1, 2021