Otagawaohashi Bridge wins FY 2016 JSCE Best Design Prize


The basic design for this bridge was selected as the best design in an international competition held in FY 2009.
It was highly evaluated that the bridge design had successfully achieved the following three concepts to create a new homely landscape featuring “Hiroshima, city of water” which would last long in people’s memory based on the characteristics of the bridge’s site where a relaxing landscape, a unique feature of the Seto area, spreads out.
(1) A bridge further highlighting the grandeur of Itsukushima Island and giving a feeling of home
(2) Pavements which are easy for local residents to use and which have enjoyable views
(3) Total design, from Otagawaohashi Bridge to an elevated bridge in the west with the possibility of future extension in mind

Two years since its completion, we can see many local people commute or just simply take a leisure walk crossing the bridge. It is our sincere wish that this bridge connects people at both sides in a psychological as well as many other ways, and that this beautifully landscaped site continues to give a feeling of home for the citizens of Hiroshima.

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