Creation of a beautiful stage for people to live with full of life and peace of mind

“City”, “area” and “street” must all be splendid stages for people’s lives. At EJEC, we believe that it is our mission to create a beautiful stage for people to live safe and pleasant lives with peace of mind while inheriting both history and culture, allowing individuality and harmony with nature and the environment. To achieve such “town development”, we make the best of our rich experience and varied human resources to engage in environment studies and the assessment and conceptualization, planning, design and management of town development with innovative ideas from a broad perspective and diverse viewpoints.

Urban, Environment and Architecture

  • Urban and regional planning/ urban regeneration planning/ urban transport planning/planning and design of parks and green spaces
  • Development of riverside town/ stadium and other sports facilities/ disaster-resistant town development
  • Landscape planning and landscape design/ land readjustment projects/ urban development projects
  • Environment surveys and assessment