Producer creating an ideal relationship between people and nature

Infrastructure development and town making are about understanding of the local history and characteristics of people’s lives and nature with a view to create an ideal relationship. While safety is the primary concern, EJEC offers technologies with a view of a harmony between the local history and culture and a mechanism to connect the liveliness of a town to the future.


  • Road & Transport

    Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Urban transport facilities Road transportation planning, Road lighting, Underground structures

  • River & Port

    River, Sabo, Ports, Coastal facilities Agricultural civil engineering, Simulation analysis of tsunami

  • Urban Planning & Environment

    Urban/regional development planning, Urban regeneration, Parks/Greens Disaster mitigation plans for city/area, Environmental impact assessment, Public architecture

  • Infrastructure Maintenance

    Inspection & Survey and health check Service life extension plans, Maintenance plans, Design of maintenance and repair work

  • Seismic Resistant & Disaster Prevention

    Disaster scenario and disaster-preparedness plans, BCP, Aseismic reinforcement Traffic vibration control measures, Disaster prevention information networks

  • Waste management

    Municipal solid waste management master plan Waste management facility plan, Detailed design of Landfill site

  • Geology & Geotechnical Engineering

    Geological surveys, various types of exploration, in-situ testing Soil and groundwater surveys, Road disaster prevention, Landslide disaster prevention

  • Survey & Compensation

    3D measuring technology, aerial surveying, Land surveying Architectural design, all aspects of compensation work

  • Management

    Public facility management, Diagnosis of the applicability of all inclusive entrustment Feasibility studies for introduction of PPP or PFI

  • International

    Road and transport planning and design, Urban and regional planning Water resources development, Waste and renewable energies