“Challenge to reform mental capacity” ~Towards an engineer with “excellent technical competence” and “relaxed mental capacity” ~

Declaration of EJEC to reform the work style

Participation of all employees to achieve “a work-life balance”

EJEC has adopted the declaration to reform the work style to promote “a work-life balance” as part of the work style reform.
The objectives of this work style reform are to improve the health and work environment of employees and to achieve continually high quality services on top of productivity improvement and assured quality. EJEC aims at reforming the work style to make it satisfactory for everyone through such core concepts as the recruitment of excellent human resources and improvement of productivity while rejecting both the idea of “I am an exception” and the excuse of “being busy”.
As part of this reform, the following work principles are introduced as the weekly working stance on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to achieve stable quality and the objective of improving the working environment.

  • ・ Monday: No period (Do not set deadlines or meetings on Mondays)
  • ・ Wednesday: No overtime (Make a conscious effort to go home at the regular time on Wednesdays)
  • ・ Friday: No requests (Do not make any requests for new work on Fridays)

June 1, 2018