Inspection of aseismatic performance of Yahagi Dam



The work was to check the aseismatic performance of Yahagi Dam based on the “(Provisional) Guidelines for the Inspection of the Aseismatic Performance of Dams in the Face of a Large-Scale Earthquake”.
Yahagi Dam is a large-scale parabolic arch concrete dam with a crown height of 100 m. Prior to this inspection of its aseismatic performance, a literature survey was conducted on faults around the dam to estimate possible large-scale earthquakes in the future. A simulation was conducted using a model featuring the dam body and gates and estimated earthquake motion. In the initial checking, the dam’s behaviour at the time of an earthquake was calculated to determine whether the aseismatic performance of the dam would satisfy the relevant earthquake resistance standards.
The work was implemented on the basis of the latest knowledge while seeking the guidance of experts and a national research institute.

River name Yahagi River of the Yahagi River System
Work title FY 2012: Checking of the Aseismatic Performance of Yahagi Dam
Duration May 15, 2012 to March 25, 2013
Implementing body Yahagi Dam Management Office, Chubu Regional Development Bureau, MLIT