First flyovers in Tanzania opened with Japanese assistance


First flyovers in Tanzania

The first flyover project in the United Republic of Tanzania on Nyerere Road that connects Dar es Salaam City with Julius Nyerere International Airport was completed,and a grand opening ceremony was held on September 27, 2018.

  • The space (approximately 12 m wide) in-between the two parallel flyover roads has been secured for future use by BRT (Bus Rapid Transit).

  • Nyerere Road, whichlinks Dar es Salaam City with Julius Nyerere International Airport, intersects the Mandela Expressway, a major road for logistics from the port.

Outline of the project and EJEC’s involvement

he plan to improve the Tazara Intersection began with a preliminary study (preliminary survey and basic design) in FY 2010 to deal with the severe traffic congestion situation in Dar es Salaam, the most important city in economic activities in Tanzania. In June 2013, the Exchange of Notes (E/N) pertaining to a Japan’s grant-in-aid cooperation was formalized. Having overcome various difficulties, the construction contract was concluded in October 2015 and the work was completed approximately three years afterwards, leading to the grand opening ceremony which was attended by Tanzania’s President Magufuli and Japan’s Ambassador Yoshidaw.
EJEC has successfully implemented many road projects in East Africa and was involved in this project from the preliminary study stage in terms of surveying and design. Our company was partly responsible for the construction supervision as well. This year, the Urban Transportation Master Plan in Dar es Salaam City was updated based on our proposal, and we hope to further contribute to infrastructure development in Tanzania in the future.

< Summary of Project >
Client Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
Contractor Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.
Consultants(EJEC) Joint venture between Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. and Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc.
Construction period December 1, 2015 to October 31, 2018 (35 months)
Road length Nyerere Road: 1,263 m; Mandela Highway: 262 m
Flyover structure [Foundations] Cast-in-place reinforced concrete piles (f1.0 m)
[Substructure] Reinforced concrete structure
[Superstructure] Flyover bridge 425 m x 2
Main bridge 3 span continuous PC box girder bridge (L = 155 m; W = 8.5 m) x 2
Approach bridge continuous PC hollow slab bridge (L = 150 m x 2; W = 120 m x 2)
[Approach road] RC retaining wall and gravity retaining wall
[Incidental work] Traffic signals, lighting system, road signs