Check Dam and Torrent Works with Consideration of the Natural Environment (Saka River, Kyoto Prefecture)



The site and its surrounding area boast a rich natural environment, including rare species, together with a cultural landscape represented by Komyo-ji Temple and the beautiful natural landscape of mountains and hillsides. A local NPO has been very active in the area to support environmental conservation. In cooperation with local residents and the NPO, the project was conducted to create a safe area where people could live with peace of mind while conducting a careful study and adopting an approach of not causing any negative impacts on the environment the landscape.
In our planning and design works, we especially noted the following issues.
Construction will be done in phases to minimize the negative load on the natural environment Introduction of meandering stream works to avoid the cutting of edible grass, such as Celtis, Quercus aliena,, wwhich are food for rare animals Use of porous blocks and a gently sloping structure for structures to conserve as well as create the habitat for living creatures Introduction of a large culvert for the check dam to ensure normal sediment movement and continuity of the stream

Facility name Saka River tributary check dam and Saka River torrent works
Work title Ordinary Erosion Control Work for Saka River, a Tributary of Obata River of the Yodo River System
Location Aou, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture
Duration [Study and Planning Work ~ Detailed Design Work] FY 2000 ~ FY 2005
Completion March, 2010 (Work began in FY 2004)
Implementing body Otokuni Civil Engineering Office, Kyoto Prefectural Government