Our article on the tsunami evacuation experience system utilizing 3D modelling and VR-technology, published in AIT Solutions’ technical magazine “TECHNOLOGY”


The EJ Innovation Technology (EJIT) Center is developing a tsunami evacuation experience system using VR-devices.
Hiroshi Okawa, Assistant Manager of EJIT Center, and Prof. Kazuo Kashiyama (Chuo University), who is our technical advisor, published a technical article of the system in AIT Solutions’ (AITS)* technical magazine “TECHNOLOGY”.

Title: “Smart Device based Tsunami Evacuation Experience System and Urban Modeling by Imaging Technology”

As an intangible countermeasure against natural disasters, although the use of hazard maps is being promoted, it’s difficult for the people to understand from the paper printed materials about the concrete phenomena that can occur, and hard to know the progress of disasters in the surrounding area that change momentarily.
This system simulates evacuation behavior during tsunami flood using VR devices, and can be used to raise residents’ awareness of disaster prevention against tsunami disasters.
Simulated tsunami flood conditions in the target area and evacuation behavior of residents are obtained in time series, and these are superimposed on topographical features and 3D modelling of buildings, etc. constructed from photographic images obtained by drones, etc., to reproduce evacuation conditions during tsunami flood.

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