National Route 9 Great Hawai Bridge


作品集:国道9号 羽合大橋

Main route (Great Hawai Bridge): Three span simple post tensioning T-girder bridge (L = 75.15 m); wall type piers
Because of the severe salt damage to this bridge, the superstructure was repaired (cross section repair and installation of sacrificial anode materials). At the time of the work, as structural strength of the PC members at the cross section repair area could not be expected due to the release of the compressive force previously developed by prestressing, only the dead weight was considered for this area. The relevant stress calculation ignored the area as a resistive section and reinforcement work using carbon fibre was conducted to compensate for the excess above the tolerance range.

Route name National Route 9
Work title Bridge Repair Design in the Area of Jurisdiction of the Kurayoshi Rivers and National Highways Office
Location Yurihama Town, Tohaku County, Tottori Prefecture
Duration October 2, 2012 to March 29, 2013
Implementing body Kurayoshi Rivers and National Highways Office, Chugoku Regional Development Bureau