Estimation of Earthquake Damage to Yokohama City


  • 震度分布予測

  • 液状化危険度分布の予測結果

  • 揺れによる建物被害分布

  • 焼失棟数分布(元禄型関東地震:冬18時、風速6m/s)


Based on the experience of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and new scientific knowledge, this survey estimated the distribution of the seismic intensity, damages to buildings, damages to people, damages to lifelines and other problems related to daily life in Yokohama city assuming a “northern Tokyo Bay earthquake” and “Nankai megathrust earthquake” in addition to a “full-power earthquake-type Kanto earthquake” which will expectedly cause the maximum damage to Yokohama City.
The survey utilized boring data for 20,000 sites in Yokohama City and earthquake records accumulated by the Yokohama municipal network of high density strong motion seismometers and evaluated seismic motion, liquefaction risk, etc. in detail using a mesh unit of 50 m.
Based on the estimated damages, EJEC later provided assistance for the “Yokohama Municipal Strategy for Earthquake Disaster Control” in a separate work ordered by the Yokohama City Policy Bureau. This Strategy identified disaster mitigation targets for Yokohama City and schematized various approaches to achieve these targets.

Work title Survey to Estimate Earthquake Damage to Yokohama City
Duration November 1, 2011 to November 30, 2012
Client Yokohama City Fire Bureau