Design of Countermeasures for Soft Ground Utilizing CIM



The work involveds the examination and detailed design of countermeasure construction work for soft ground, targeting banking construction at the Tatsue-Kushibuchi section of the Trans-Shikoku Expressway. The design subject was soft ground consisting mostly of an alluvial clay layer up to 15 m in thickness. As fully consolidated paddy fields were distributed around the banking site, rational countermeasure construction work considering the possible displacement of the land boundaries was examined. To deal with the high voltage transmission pylons located near the road banking site, the response displacement method combining FEM and frame structure analysis was employed to check for possible deformation of the pylons and countermeasure construction work.
The work was subject to CIM trial in FY 2012 and a CIM model was developed for countermeasure construction work with such attributes as the topography, structures, strata and processes from construction to maintenance. This model was then utilized for ① visualization of the design contents, ② 4D construction simulation and ③ quantity surveying using the CIM model.

Work title FY 2012 Examination of Countermeasures for Soft Ground at Tatsue-Kushibuchi
Location Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture
Design period October 13, 2012 to March 15, 2013
Implementing body Tokushima River and National Highway Office, Shikoku Regional Development Bureau, MLIT