Hosting of a technical seminar on road transportation infrastructure at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)


On June 13 and 14, 2016, EJEC hosted the” Technical Seminar on Road Transportation Infrastructure for ASEAN Integration” at the AIT campus in Bangkok, Thailand. It was held jointly with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and AIT Solutions, a subordinate organization of AIT.
The seminar aimed at building new networks and creating as well as discovering business opportunities for EJE through the introduction of technologies possessed by Japan in general and EJEC in particular to contribute to the planning of mainly new roads, bridges and tunnels and also to the conservation of existing structures. With government officials, etc. from Asian countries attended, it was hoped from the seminar that the connectivity of the road transportation infrastructure, the importance of which will increase with ASEAN integration and the establishment of the AEC, will be both improved and toughened.
The EJEC team was led by Vice-President Furukawa and 11 EJEC employees, including engineers in various fields, gave presentations. There were a total of 24 presentations, including those by seven guests, i.e. Professor Sugimoto of Nagaoka University of Technology, Senior Advisor Furuki of JICA, Second Secretary Kobayashi of the Embassy of Japan in Thailand, Dr. Montri of the Department of Highways, Thai Ministry of Transport, Deputy Director Duc of the Science and Technology Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport, Head of the Highway Unit, Road Management Bureau, Myanmar Ministry of Construction Mr. Kyi, and Mr. Ahavithana, an engineer of the Sri Lanka Road Construction and Development Corporation. The speakers from the AIT were Professor Sivanappan, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Professor Pennung, Associate Professor Noppadol and Assitant Professor Surachet. Meanwhile, AIT Solutions was represented by Director Naveed.
In addition to the invited speakers, the seminar attracted some 120 people from 10 countries over the two days. These participants included government officials and representatives of private enterprises in Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand and also those from Japanese enterprises operating in Thailand. Lively discussions and information exchange was observed during not only the Q & A sessions but also during the breaks. Many of the participants expressed ain interest for continued exchang after the seminar.
In the coming years, EJEC is determined to strengthen its networks with ASIAN countries and its relationship of cooperation with AIT and AIT Solutions, all of which were established through the seminar, and to discover and develop new businesses in Asia.

  • Vice-President Furukawa of EJEC greets the participants

  • Venue for the seminar at AIT

  • Commemorative photograph of the speakers