Completion of a solid waste disposal center with “a semi-aerobic landfill structure” in Tak Province, Thailand


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On November 17, 2016, a completion ceremony for the expansion of the solid waste disposal center was held in the Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province, Thailand.
This solid waste disposal center employing “a semi-aerobic landfill structure” (Fukuoka method) was constructed under the “Project for expansion of a solid waste disposal center in Tak Province”. which was a grant assistance for grassroots human security project (GGP) of the Government of Japan.

The ceremony was attended by Japanese Ambassador to Thailand Mr.Shiro Sadoshima, Deputy-Governor Mr. Sutha Saiwanich of Tak Province and Programme Director of the Catholic Office for Emergency Relief and Refugees (COERR) Mr. Juventino Mendoza, among others. EJEC, which provided technical assistance for this center, was represented by Mr. Hagiwara of the International Department, Mr. Kouketsu of the Waste Management Department and Mr. Odera of the Bangkok Representative Office.
Ambassador Sadoshima talked about the significance of the assistance of the Government of Japan for the project. The project contributes to the capacity to receive solid waste by means of introducing a landfill site which employs “a semi-aerobic landfill structure” (Fukuoka method) It also contributes to improvement of the living environment for local residents. Deputy-Governor Sutter Saiwanich of Tak Province talked about the history of refugee camps, solid waste disposal policies of the Government of Thailand and expectations for the further introduction of the Fukuoka method to other landfill sites in Thailand. Meanwhile, Mr. Hagiwara of EJEC expressed his gratitude to those attending the ceremony, many of whom expressed strong interests in the prospect of introducing the Fukuoka method.
On its part, the Government of Thailand hopes for a nationwide spread of the Fukuoka method.

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* Group photograph: Deputy-Governor Sutha (center), Ambassador Sadoshima and Mr. Hagiwara (center right), Mr. Juventino (center left)

This completion ceremony is introduced on the homepage of the Embassy of Japan in Thailand and is also featured by other media.
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< Summary of the disposal center >
Landfill capacity Approximately 8,000 m³ (L = 55 m x W = 30 m x D=0.5 m)
Construction period July to November, 2016
Location Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province, northern Thailand
Accepted waste Urban solid waste