Renewal of resilience certificate:
addition of the “social contribution” category


EJEC was registered in 2017 for the “business continuation” category under the certification scheme of Organizations Contributing to National Resilience as a business making active efforts to continue its business. With the latest review of the resilient status, EJEC is also certified in the “social contribution” category.
This certification scheme is run by the Association for Resilience Japan based on the Guidelines for Organizations Contributing to National Resilience established in February, 2016 by the National Resilience Promotion Office of the Cabinet Secretariat. It aims to strengthen the broad-based resilience of society through the spread of active efforts to continue businesses.
The criteria for certification are (1) neutrality, fairness and transparency, (2) experience of involvement in policy making, (3) provision of opportunities for seminars, symposiums, etc. and (4) review of the mechanism required to build national resilience and social contribution.
EJEC is proud to be recognized as a consulting firm with top class technological strength and performance in the field of disaster prevention in particular, and is determined to continually improve as a front-line enterprise for disaster prevention, rehabilitation and reconstruction with a view to contributing to the enhancement of Japan’s disaster prevention capability.

resilience certificate