Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Architectural Research Center in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)


On September 1, 2018, EJEC represented by Vice-President Ryoji Isoyama signed a memorandum aimed at conducting joint research, etc. with the Architectural Research Center (ARC), Department of Planning and Architecture (DPA) of the HCMC Municipal Authority.
The ARC is the unit under DPA whose mandate is to conduct research and to propose policies regarding urban planning and architecture as well as administrative issues in HCMC. The memorandum outlines broad collaboration directions on joint research on important urban problems in HCMC, joint training for human resources development, expertise provision, and also for exploration of new projects.
In the coming years, EJEC will dispatch experts in various technical fields to contribute to solving urban problems and capacity building of Vietnamese engineers based on Japan’s experiences, latest technologies, etc. EJEC also aims at studying viable methods to deal with concrete problems jointly with the ARC while seeking projects which will contribute to the sustainable development of HCMC. The plan for the near future includes organizing workshops or training seminars for the exchange between experts and engineers of EJEC and the ARC.

  • Director of the ARC (left) and Vice-President Isoyama of EJEC (right)

  • Meeting to discuss future plans after signing the memorandum of cooperation

  • Members of the ARC and International Department of EJEC attending the signing ceremony