EJEC hosted a technical seminar with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)


On April 23, 2015, EJEC hosted a tripartite technical seminar with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and AIT Consulting, a subordinate organization of AIT, at the AIT campus in Bangkok, Thailand.
In 2014, EJEC signed a memorandum for technical cooperation with AIT and AIT Consulting with the main purpose of developing and strengthening EJEC’s business in Southeast Asia. This technical seminar was held as the first step of concrete cooperation, introducing the contents of the technologies and research work of each organization in three fields of key strength, i.e. “disaster prevention”, “tunnels” and “waste and energy”, Moreover, lively opinion exchanges and discussions took place on the discovery of and cooperation for concrete consulting work and the feasibility of joint research in Southeast Asia.

The EJEC team was headed by Director Isoyama -Head of the Comprehensive Planning Department, and EJEC engineers gave presentations. The AIT team was headed by Dean Visvanathan of the School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD). The presenters on the Thai side included Professor Pennung of the AIT and Director Naveed of AIT Consulting in the disaster prevention field, Associate Professor Noppadol and Mr. Muhammad in the tunnel field and Associate Professor Abdul in the waste and energy field. A total of some 40 people, including researchers and students, attended the seminar from the Thai side.
Lively Q & A session and discussions took place and both sides confirmed the importance of cooperation from the project discovery stage and of the implementation of concrete activities regardless of scale. The Thai side made a strong request for the acceptance of internships in Japan and the provision of further scholarships, etc. In the coming years, EJEC is determined to strengthen the relationship of cooperation with the AIT and AIT Consulting through such concrete activities as joint research and the discovery of feasible projects, while continuing efforts to discover and develop its businesses in Southeast Asia.

The outline of this seminar is also introduced on the AIT Consulting website.