EJEC receives the JICA President Award


Every year, JICA offers the “JICA President Award” and “JICA Recognition Award” for projects, individuals and organizations to commend great contributions and achievements in terms of human resources development and social development through international cooperation projects. The JICA President Award is given to projects or such individuals as experts, consultants, volunteers, etc. who have made a great contribution to economic and social development and the enhancement of welfare for local residents, etc. in developing countries/areas. Meanwhile, the JICA Recognition Award is given to individuals and organizations which have cooperated with JICA’s international cooperation work at home and abroad for a long period of time.
In FY 2017, the 13th year of these awards, EJEC received the JICA President Award for a water supply system construction project in Tajikistan for which EJEC was involved in the design, construction management, operation and maintenance of the facilities and guidance on the management of the water supply system until December, 2016.

Project title Project for Rehabilitation of Drinking Water Supply Systems in the Pyanj District, Khatlon Region, Republic of Tajikistan
Clients JICA (basic design); Housing Service Corporation of Tajikistan (detailed design and construction supervision)
Design and construction supervision EJEC and Dai Nippon Construction
Duration March, 2013 to December, 2016 (3 years and 10 months from the start of the basic design to project completion)
Award winners Tajikistan side: Khojagii Manziliyu-Kommunali
Japanese side: EJEC and Dai Nippon Construction

The following reasons were given for this nomination:

  1. With the construction of the largest elevated water tank in Central Asia, stable water supply was achieved around the clock to quadruple the number of households receiving such water supply, substantially reducing the chore of fetching water for children and women and greatly contributing to a major transformation of the water charge collection system.
  2. The very challenging construction work was smoothly conducted in a severe natural environment and a difficult security situation, contributing to the improvement of construction technologies in Tajikistan.
  3. The project has been highly appraised and has become a model project in Tajikistan and received the JSCE’s outstanding civil engineering achievement award in FY 2016.