Support for the Introduction of DBO: Health and Sports Facility Using Hot Water in Saku City


Work title                             :    FY 2012 Construction of Health and Sports Facility Using Hot Water: Preparation of Specifications for Facility Development

Location                               :    2681 Hirao, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture

Duration                               :    February 28, 2014 to March 25, 2016

Implementing body              :    Saku Municipal Authority, Nagano Prefecture


Mt. Hirao Park is directly linked to the Sakudaira Parking Area and is a popular recreational spot for skiing, walking, athletics and forest therapy.


The Saku Municipal Authority constructed a health and sports facility, using heat from the new clean center, to further enhance the attractiveness of this park.


For the construction of this facility, the DBO method* was adopted for blanket order placement covering the design, construction, operation and management in hope of actively introducing the vitality of the private sector.


EJEC provided wide-ranging support, including the management of a total of six reviewing committee meetings of the Municipal Authority, preparation of tender announcement documents and screening of proposal documents, to confirm the proper execution of the process, from design to construction.


*DBO: design, build and operate


The facility was opened in December, 2016. It gains its popular with “a bath house which has a view of the Hirao Hot Spring”. Visitors can enjoy the splendid view of the Yatsugatake Mountain Range as well as the distant North Alps Mountain Range.


Layout of Mt. Hirao Park


Bath house with a view


(PPP/PFI project selection; advisory; support for the project implementing body)