Project for the Establishment of a Water Supply Management System in Kambia District, Sierra Leone


Work content                     :    Technical Cooperation Project Regarding a Local Urban Water Supply System

Location                               :          Rokupr, Kambia District, Sierra Leone

Duration                               :          December, 2006 to January, 2009

Implementing body              :          JICA

Facility outline                     :    Slow filtration water purification plant; elevated water tank; water pipelines; public water taps


< Outline >

The project aims at developing a system for sustainable water supply operation in a local city of a local city of one of the least developed countries. A new model for local municipal water supply operation was developed through technical cooperation for the reconstruction of existing water supply facilities destroyed by the civil war, the conversion of a water purification system from rapid filtration to slow filtration, establishment of a public service corporation as an operating body and development of an affordable and fair water charge system. It is hoped that this model would be replicated in other local cities in the coming years.


2008.03.31   Rural Water Supply Project in Cameroon (Phase IV)


Work title                             :          Rural water supply project in Cameroon (Phase IV)

Location                               :          Adamaoua Region, Centre Region and Littoral Region, Cameroon

Design and construction supervision period: June 30, 2006 to March 31, 2008

Implementing body              :          Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Cameroon

Facility outline                     :    Construction of borehole water supply facility equipped with manual pump at 100 sites in the Adamaoua, Centre and Littoral Regions in Cameroon


< Outline >

The project involves planning for the construction of a borehole water supply facility equipped with a manual pump to supply clean water not infected by bacteria in a stable manner to the rural populace at 184 sites in four regions in Cameroon. As the first and second stages of this project, EJEC conducted the detailed design and construction supervision at such water supply facilities at 100 sites in three regions.


As part of the work, EJEC also conducted educational activities for local residents on operation and maintenance of the water supply facilities.