Nishinaka Bridge receives the FY 2017 design merit prize from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE)


Nishinaka Bridge is a bridge over Tsukishima River in Chuo Ward, Tokyo. Its design concept was considered in view of the rapidly changing landscapes of the Tsukishima-Kachidoki District due to urban development. The project aimed at 1.inheriting local history and culture, 2.improving the attractiveness of Tsukishima River and accessibility to waterfronts and 3.creating an attractive living environment so that the newly created landscapes around the bridge would form waterfronts and town spaces as core features of the district.


The JSCE design prizes were established in 2001 for the purpose of raising awareness of the importance of civil engineering design and designers in society through the commendation of excellent designs for public spaces and structures.


EJEC was also awarded the best design prize in FY 2016 for the Otagawa-Ohashi Bridge.


Selection results for JSCE design prizes in FY 2017:

2017年 優秀賞 西仲橋


Otagawa-Ohashi Bridge (won the FY 2017 JSCE best design prize):