Diagnosis of Ageing of Coastal Protection Facilities at Shimotsu Port


Project areas               :      North Harbour Zone, Main Harbour Zone, Wakaura Harbour Zone

Work title                   :      Survey on Deterioration and more of Coastal Protection Facilities along the Coast (Northern Area) of Wakayama Shimotsu Port

Location                     :      Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture

Duration                     :      February 1, 2010 to July 15, 2010

Implementing body    :      Wakayama Ports Office, Kinki Regional Development bureau, MLIT


The work involved the preparation of a 3D bird’s eye view by means of sounding and estimation of the cross-sectional shape using the impact elastic wave method to diagnose the deterioration of existing coastal protection facilities with a view to improving and renewing such facilities with adaptation to global warming in mind in three harbour zones (North, Main and Wakaura) in the northern coastal area of Wakayama Shimotsu Port.


2016.08.09   Introduction of a High Speed Mobile-type 3D Radar Sounding Technology


EJEC has introduced a high speed mobile-type 3D radar sounding technology using a road scanning vehicle as a new technology for infrastructure maintenance.


This technology uses an electromagnetic radar to detect cavities under the road surface and areas of deteriorated paving body and quickly produces highly accurate data.


The video explains the characteristics of this 3D radar sounding technology and the scope of its application along with the introduction of EJEC’s Infrastructure Maintenance Management Center.


Please contact the EJEC Infrastructure Maintenance Management Center (Tel: 086-252-8917) if you would like to use this road scanning vehicle.



2016.03.31   Omatsuyama Suspension Bridge: Bridge inspection


Route name                :      Tarui Bicchu Matsuyama-jo Line

Work title                   :      FY 2015 tourist facilities maintenance project

Entrusted work to inspect the Omatsuyama Suspension Bridge

Location                     :      Uchisange Area, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture

Duration                     :      December 11, 2015 to March 31, 2016

Implementing body    :      Industrial Promotion Division, Industry and Economic Department, Takahashi Municipal Government, Okayama Prefecture


The Omatsuyama Suspension Bridge is a 120 m long single span, two hinged bridge located near the top of Mt. Gagyu in Takahashi City. Bicchu Matsuyama Castle at the top of Mt. Gagyu is the castle with the highest elevation among mountain castles with a castle tower in Japan. Reflecting the recent boom of castle visiting around Japan, many tourists visit this castle, partly because it is possible to take picture of Bicchu Matsuyama Castle floating in a sea of clouds from late autumn to early winter.


Under these circumstances, the number of users of the Omatsuyama Suspension Bridge, which constitutes the promenade to Bicchu Matsuyama Castle, has been increasing, prompting work to inspect the bridge to establish the state of degradation and damage for its appropriate maintenance and also for the examination of countermeasures. This inspection uses the “rope access technique”, which allows safe and easy access to any kind of difficult or high places by means of skilful operation of the rope.