Biogas Power Generation and Composting: Wakkanai Municipal Kitchen Waste Intermediate Treatment Facility


Work title                             :    Consigned Monitoring of the Operation and Management of Kitchen Waste Intermediate Treatment Facility

Location                               :    1789 Shinko Town, Wakkanai City, Hokkaido

Duration                               :    April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2015

Implementing body              :    Wakkanai Municipal Authority, Hokkaido


The work involved monitoring the operation and management of a kitchen waste treatment facility constructed by the Wakkanai Municipal Authority using the PFI method.*


This kitchen waste treatment facility (Wakkanai Municipal Bio Energy Center) accepts kitchen garbage and effectively uses such waste for power generation utilising the retrieved biogas produced through fermentation and also for composting.


The retrieved biogas is also used as fuel for garbage trucks.


For the work, EJEC was successfully able to propose and implement a PFI project suitable for Wakkanai City, which has been actively utilizing natural energy such as sunlight, wind power, etc.


*PFI (private finance initiative) method: implementation of public work by the private sector which uses its financial capability and know-how as the principal implementing body.


Project concept

Complete view of the Wakkanai Municipal Bio Energy Center