River & Port


Design of a berth for for Hozu River rafting (Kyoto Prefecture)

Enjoyment of the blessing of water and protection of people’s lives from flooding, sediment, tsunami and other water-related disasters.

“Water” is a great blessing for people but can also cause disasters. It is essential to enjoy the blessing of water to realize truly affluent human life through the conservation and creation of a good water environment and water cycle while protecting human life from water, sediment, tsunami and other water-related disasters.
EJEC offers total as well as global “water solutions” with profound knowledge and unflagging technolgical development in the relevant fields, including peripheral technological fields, throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure in such fields as rivers, sediment control and ports.

Rivers and Ports

Planning and design of rivers, sediment control,

agricultural civil engineering, port and coastal facilities/ comprehensive sediment control/ measures to migate the damage caused by river flooding, tsunami and high tide/ simulation analysis of tsunami/ nalysis and design of river,

design port and coastal facilities/regeneration of nature and improvement of waterfront environment/ life prolongment of river, sediment control,

port and agricultural facilities/ planning and design of water utilization facilities