Ensuring a Valuable Future Environment Bringing Vitality to Regions, Industries and the World
Japan is today facing many difficult issues, such as progressive depopulation and ageing, impending great disasters and an urgent need to address deteriorating infrastructure. Under such circumstances, profound rethinking is taking place regarding the desirable state of social infrastructure, including the future for public works and environmental as well as energy-related issues. Realization of the need for a new perspective has widened the scope of the mission for construction consultants.Facing this changing business environment, Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. (EJEC) upholds the corporate mission of “contributing to society through the performance of excellent technologies to solve the problems associated with the global environment, national land protection and infrastructure development in local areas”. For this mission, we have the vision of becoming a genuine infrastructure solution consultant capable of rationally solving the diverse problems related to socialYuji Kotani President Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. infrastructure ranging from local problems to global issues.Towards the realization of this vision, as a group of professionals, we are striving to enhance the satisfaction of our clients, shareholders, employees and all other stakeholders by fulfilling our corporate social responsibility as a “corporation dedicated to the creation of safe and secure national land and regions where society never falls into a decline regardless of the times” based on our excellent technical capability and collective strength.We would be most grateful for your continued guidance and encouragement.Yuji Kotani
Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc.