Rivers and Ports


Although “water” brings great benefits to people, it can sometimes cause disasters. To achieve a truly rich human life, it is essential to harness the benefits of water through the protection and creation of an appropriate water environment and water cycle while protecting daily life from floods, landslides, tsunami and other disasters. At EJEC, we offer a total and global “water solution service” through the lifecycle of river, sabo facilities and port infrastructures using our profound knowledge and continuous technological developments, including those in peripheral technology fields.

Main Business Areas

  • Planning and design of river, sabo, agricultural, port and coastal facilities
  • Integrated sediment management planning
  • River flooding, tsunami and storm surge disaster prevention measures
  • Simulation of tsunami
  • Aseismic analysis and design of river, port and coastal facilities
  • Regeneration of nature and waterfront improvement
  • Planning to prolong the service life of river, sabo, port and agricultural facilities
  • Planning and design of water utilization facilities

Typical Projects

  • Sabo dam (barrier against debris flow)Sabo dam (barrier against debris flow)
  • Underground river in an urban areaUnderground river in an urban area
  • Seismic strengthening quaySeismic strengthening quay