Recycling and Energy


Environmental conservation is an extremely important issue which has implications regarding the very basis for the survival of mankind. Although Japan has made positive progress in reducing the volume of final disposal through the promotion of 3R reduce, reuse, recycle- and the consolidation of the legal framework aiming at “creating a sustainable society”, the problem of disposing of the disaster waste and the serious accident involving a nuclear power plant caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake have made the use of recyclable resources ever more essential while ensuring environmental conservation and the safety of public waste disposal facilities which are closely linked to environment conservation and are often referred to as nuisance facilities of which the acceptance by local communities is difficult to secure. At EJEC, as a group of professional engineers on the issue of waste, we are determined to support owners through the formulation of viable waste treatment plans and the provision of advice on facility development so that people can enjoy safe, pleasant and hygienic lives.

Main Business Areas

  • Master plans for the treatment of general waste (treatment of general waste, domestic waste water and disaster waste)
  • Regional plans to promote the formation of a recycling society
  • Environmental impact assessment and impact surveys on the living environment
  • Suitable site selection studies
  • Advisory for facility development (support for owners and monitoring)
  • Waste treatment facility plans (incineration, recycling, sludge recycling and waste transfer, etc.)
  • Biomass utilization facilities
  • Detailed design or rehabilitation of final disposal sites
  • Construction supervision of waste-related facilities
  • Plans to prolong the service life of facilities
  • Demolition of incineration facilities
  • Industrial waste treatment plans and facility development
  • Development of radioactive waste treatment facilities

Typical Projects

  • Incineration facilityIncineration facility
  • Recycling facilityRecycling facility
  • Final disposal facilityFinal disposal facility