Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information for Mid-career Employment

Creation of a Valuable Environment for the Future: Towards the Fulfillment of the EJ Glocal Challenge

At Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. (EJEC), we have the vision of “becoming a leading company engaged in wide-ranging businesses dealing with local as well as global issues” and also “growing as a genuine infrastructure solution consultancy firm capable of rationally solving the diverse problems of social infrastructure” with the mission of contributing to society through the performance of excellent technologies to solve problems related to the global environment, conservation of the national land and improvement of local infrastructure.

As a group of professionals dedicated to further developing our technical capability based on our own initiative and responsibility to increase the added value of our work, we strive to identify every fine detail of our clients’ needs so that we can propose the best solutions. What we call the “EJ Glocal Challenge” means this pursuit of achieving our corporate vision.

With this challenging spirit, we are determined to make a vital contribution to the development of a truly rich social environment using the phrase “creation of a valuable environment for the future” as our motto.

We are now recruiting mid-career employees who will become excellent human resources to shoulder the future of EJEC as a leading construction consultancy firm.

1. Business Fields and Job Categories for Recruitment

* EJEC welcomes those interested in overseas assignments so that we can contribute to international technical cooperation.

Technical Staff

Road and Transport
Roads, bridges, tunnels and urban transport facilities, etc.
Rivers and Ports
Hydraulics, hydrology, river engineering, coastal/port/ocean engineering, agricultural engineering and forest engineering, erosion control, etc.
Earthquake Resistance and Preservation
Eartquake engineering, aseismic design, liquifaction, lifeline earthquake engineering, infrastructure maintenance/management/preservation and infrastructure asset management, etc.
General Disaster Prevention and Preservation
Disaster control measures, preservation measures, lifeline maintenance and preservation and stock management, etc.
Geology and Geotechnical Engineering
Geological survey, soil survey, disaster prevention design of slopes, groundwater analysis, ground improvement, earth structures, foundations, tunnels and underground structures, etc.
Recycling and Energy
Planning and design of final waste disposal and waste incineration plants, planning of heat recovery facilities, planning of the use of surplus heat, biomass planning and management of long-lasting comprehensive facilities, etc.
Urban Planning and Landscaping
Riginal/Urban/City planning, design of a green environment, environmental conservation and creation, design of parks and greens, landscape architecture, landscape design and conservation of urban biodiversity, etc.
Environmental assessment, environmental monitoring studies, river and waterfront censuses, environmental control measures and environmental analysis, etc.

2. Principal Business Category

General construction consultant (study, planning, design and work supervision for social infrastructure facilities)

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3. Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D, degree in related discipline
  2. English skills (business level)
  3. Japanese skills preferred (daily conversation level)

4. Salary

Starting salary
Based on our company's regulations
Qualification allowance (professional engineer allowance and Ph.D allowance, etc.), managerial allowance, separation allowance, regional allowance, family allowance, overtime allowance, holiday work allowance, midnight work allowance and business trip allowance)
Pay rise
Once a year
Twice a year
Commuting allowance
Paid in full

5. Working Hours

Standard working hours
7 hours a day and 35 hours a week

6. Holidays

- Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays (5 working days a week throughout the year), anniversary of the company's foundation
- Annual paid holidays: 12 days in the first year, and then up to a maximum of 20 days a year (up to 20 days transferable to the following year)
- Special summer holidays: 3 days
- Special year-end and new year holidays: 29th December through 3rd January

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7. Insurance Schemes

Health insurance, employees' pension insurance, employees' pension fund, employment insurance and workers' accident compensation insurance

8. Welfare

Employees' saving scheme
general, housing and pension
Length of service awards
10 years, 20 years, 30 years and 40 years
Refreshment leave
5 years, 15 years, 25 years and 35 years
Bachelor apartments
There are bachelor apartments in Tokyo and Osaka. A rent subsidy is available for rented accommodation in other areas.
Recreational facilities
Famile Villa Karuizawa Sengataki (Nagano), Kosei Kaikan Hotel (Tokyo) and Izu Lodge (Atami)

9. Miscellaneous Systems

Training schemes
Overseas special training trip scheme and various technical training schemes
Subsidy system
Rent subsidy system
Retirement plans
Defined benefits (DB) pension plan and defined contribution (DC) pension plan

10. Others

Employees' Welfare Association
Cultural events (presentation of technical research findings and training trips, etc.)
Trade union for employees

11. Contact Person

International Department
Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc.
Nakano-Shimizu Building
33-11 Honcho 5-chome
Tel: +81-3-5341-5158
Fax: +81-3-5385-8510

Our Privacy Policy Regarding Recruitment
Personal information provided to EJEC in the process of a job application shall only be used for the purpose of applicant selection and also for the purpose of the subsequent personnel management of successful applicants.