Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. (EJEC) is a leading civil engineering consultancy firm in Japan with a history of engagement in social infrastructure-related projects, etc. in Japan and abroad for more than half a century. Acting as the core company of the E-J Group, EJEC is currently engaged in the development of new infrastructurse with particular considerations of our era, locality and living with our group’s motto of “Valuable Environment for the Future”.

Since the start of EJEC’s business activities as a civil engineering consultancy firm, the industry has undergone profound changes. There was an era where the development of infrastructures was a synonym for the enhancement of national strengths in the high economic growth period. There was also an era where the main efforts focused on physical development, including the development of infrastructures to improve convenience in people’s life.

We now face an era where the civil engineering consultancy industry must respond to ever complex societal demands, such as considerations of the environment and energy, growing awareness of disaster prevention, decline of the domestic population and long-life infrastructure. Under these circumstances, the industry is being significantly transformed from being material-oriented, emphasizing quality and quantity, to knowledge oriented, emphasizing the processes from conceptualization and planning to construction methods and management.

Under these circumstances, there is growing importance of in-depth knowledge as well as advanced technology/know-how capable of providing optimal solutions from multiple viewpoints. EJEC has endeavoured to learn and foster new technologies in its three core competence areas namely “environment”, “disaster prevention and conservation” and “assistance for administration”. Even though the demands of a civil engineering consultancy firm have changed towards “healthy national land, peace of mind and safety and local development and revitalization”, the central mission directly linked to people’s lives has become ever more important. Against this background, EJEC aims at becoming a leading company in the construction consultancy industry while contributing to the creation of a genuinely prosperous social environment in Japan and abroad.

Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants Inc.
President Yuji KOTANI