Our mission is to create new public facilities with the idea of “providing management services through the lifecycle of such facilities from the initial conceptualization stage to actual operation”. Utilizing the rich experience and professional personnel with diverse backgrounds within the Group, we undertake a wide variety of management operations characterized by originality as well as ingenuity, ranging from the creation of new styles of management of public facilities and support for central and local governments to the application of the concession method and integral management of infrastructure-related PPP projects.

Main Business Areas

  • Public facility management
  • Feasibility studies, design, work supervision and monitoring related to the introduction of PPP or PFI
  • Diagnosis of the applicability of all-inclusive entrustment
  • Advice on the entrustment of operations
  • Planning for the life span prolongment of housing
  • Support for owners (specifications, required standards and others)
  • Study on project management methods
  • Operation and management of public facilities

Typical Projects

  • PFI project for Incineration facilityPFI project for Incineration facility
  • PFI project for municipal school meal centerPFI project for municipal school meal center
  • PFI project for the improvement of hot spring facilitiesPFI project for the improvement of hot spring facilities