Geology and Geotechnical Engineering


Under a harsh natural environment characterised by frequent earthquakes, typhoons and downpours, the land in Japan is prone to disasters as there are many sites with soft ground which are susceptible to landslides. The first step for the mitigation of such disasters with strict risk management practices is evaluation of the disaster risk of individual sites in an appropriate manner.
We at EJEC contribute to the development of reliable infrastructure through our professional work on all kinds of technologies related to geology, geotechnical engineering and all other relevant matters. Our work ranges from surveying and analysis to the design of countermeasures and geological diagnosis.

Main Business Areas

  • Geological surveys, various types of exploration and in-situ testing
  • Soil and groundwater surveys
  • Various types of monitoring (landslides, sediment disasters and deep-seated landslides)
  • Scientific analysis (X-ray, CNS analysis and colorimetry, etc.)
  • Numerical analysis, study and design of countermeasures relating to groundwater and pollution (measures to counteract soil contamination, naturally occurring heavy metal contamination and illegal dumping, etc.)
  • Various statistical analysis
  • Study, inspection, analysis and design relating to road disaster prevention and slope disaster prevention (landslides, rock falls and debris flows)
  • Assessment of tunnel face safety
  • Pile loading tests
  • Study and design of earth structures, soft ground control measures and liquefaction control measures
  • Various types of numerical analysis relating to the deformation or destruction of the ground, including excavation analysis, proximity impact analysis and liquefaction-induced spreading analysis
  • Various analysis and studies relating to the structure of foundations

Typical Projects

  • Groundwater contamination analysis at final disposal siteGroundwater contamination analysis at final disposal site
  • Design of landslide control measureDesign of landslide control measure
  • Design of ground improvement for road using 3D cadDesign of ground improvement for road using 3D cad