Surveying, Compensation and Architecture


The smooth acquisition of land earmarked for a public project is essential for the organized and steady progress of such a project. EJEC has a leading share in the nationwide technical site management business and is capable of meeting comprehensive requirements ranging from the accurate measurement of topography and planimetric features to site assessment in a consistent manner. We endeavour to further refine our technological capability regarding architectural design, construction work supervision, diagnosis of building deterioration, etc. with a view to providing the most competent technical service for our clients.

Main Business Areas

  • 3D measuring technology; aerial surveying
  • Land surveying
  • Architectural design; construction work supervision
  • Diagnosis of building deterioration
  • All aspects of compensation work: Eight areas (land surveying; land appraisal; properties; machine works; compensation for business and special compensation; business loss; compensation-related matters; general compensation)

Typical Projects

  • Boat house and wharf of maritime schoolBoat house and wharf of maritime school
  • Underground passageway at Shinjuku Station (Tokyo)Underground passageway at Shinjuku Station (Tokyo)
  • Ground-based 3D laser measuringGround-based 3D laser measuring