Urban and Regional planning and Environment


A "city", "district" or "street" must provide a splendid stage for people’s lives. Our mission at EJEC is to create a beautiful stage on which history and culture are inherited in harmony with nature and the environment and on which people can enjoy a lively, safe and pleasant life with peace of mind.
To accomplish such city or area development, we make the best use of our rich experience and diverse human resources to conduct environmental studies and assessments, conceptualization, planning, design and supervision of town building from a wide perspective as well as from multiple viewpoints.

Main Business Areas

  • Urban/regional development planning
  • Urban regeneration planning
  • Urban transport planning
  • Designing of public parks, sports stadium and greens
  • Water front development planing
  • Landscape design and planning
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Disaster mitigation plans for city/area
  • Urban developoment

Typical Projects

  • Urban developmentUrban development
  • Urban development with super leveesUrban development with super levees
  • Public park (winner of the urban park award, MLIT)Public park (winner of the urban park award, MLIT)